i only meant to be a casual fan

i hate this band why did i dedicate my life to them


i’m not saying harry is smuggling the dark lord under his headscarves but

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One direction heights: 

harry: 5’11 

liam: thumb

zayn: god level 

louis: easily 2’3

niall: results vary

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I’m selling two tickets for One Direction’s Where We Are tour on August 8th in Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachuetts.

I’m selling them for $125 per ticket, so if you want both that’s $250.

the tickets are for Section C1, row 14, seats 4 and 5 which are on the field (google “gillette seating one direction” to see a seating chart thing)

message me if you’re interested and we’ll make arrangements for payment and such at that time.

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